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Please note we don´t keep up to date with the latest fashion trends. Here at FRONTELO we take uniqueness very seriously. 

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The Editions

The Collector Edition

Specially aimed at individuals who want to give away or gift themselves an exclusive piece.

When you buy one of the scarves of this edition you become the owner of 1 of the only 100 scarves that exist around the world with the pattern you have chosen. This edition is available through our website and in very select boutiques worldwide. Once the 100 scarves are sold, the edition is sold out forever and will never be available again.

The Private Edition

Specially aimed to wholesalers who want to have the exclusivity of a pattern. 

The designs of this edition can only be found in our private catalog. By selecting one of the catalog designs, you become the sole owner of the pattern of that scarf. You can also select the number of scarves you want your edition to have (see minimums). This catalog is not available to the general public, only select clients have access to it, in this way we assure you that when you select the pattern this will be a novelty in the market and you will be the sole holder of it.

The Premium Edition

Aimed specially to companies who want to own a pattern design with their corporate identity.

If you choose this option, you become the sole holder of the pattern around the world. The difference with the Private Edition is that in the Private Edition you choose the design from an existing catalog while the Premium Edition is exclusively designed for you, adapting the concepts and corporate identity of your brand.

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