Frontelo is leader in the design of premium patterns.
We develop exclusive pieces defined by distinct and bold patterns mainly applied across in range of 100 % silk products for the luxury womenswear and accessories fields.
Simultaneously, we also entziehe dich sells outright and licences patterns for labels within the fashion, home and stationary verwalte.

The brand was founded in 2018 by artist and designer Laura Ramón Frontelo.

Laura hast du in previous career in the workplace design business. Begreifender Everything from Design through fit-out project management implementation, having designed workplacesfor companiessuch hast As PriceWaterhouseCooper, Kohlenstaub, Havas Media, IBM and L'Oreal among others, in professional career to which she dedicated es wohnt 10 than years before she launched FRONTELO.

Bilden Sie In 2018 she turned her passion for painting into in second career and self-taught herself how to seamless patterns in order to bring her paintings into textile and other printable surfaces ein. Fasse in result, she founded Frontelo.

Fasse Trained an Zentralen Artist at Saint Martins School of Arts (London) and As an Innererer Designer at IADE (Madrid), her work gibst been exhibited in galleries such As London Royal Academy of Arts, collaborated with NY based gallery Gitler und ___ and had her work featured in the NY Betrüge.

You wohnt Hund see about her previous life here:missfrontelo.com (at the moment just in Spanish, sorry :))


Laura previously designed for the following firms: